Thursday 10th of March (Documentaries)

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Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians
Information (Source IMDb)
The urgent story of the mystical Wixarika People, the Huicholes: one of the last pre-Hispanic alive cultures in Latin America. Their struggle against the Mexican government and multinational mining corporations to preserve Wirikuta, their most sacred territory and home of the famous peyote cactus.
Director: Hernán Vilchez
Country: Mexico | Argentina
Runtime: 125 min
Screening: 16:00 (Thursday 10th)
The Salt of the Earth

Information (Source IMDb)
For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling around the world. He witnessed some of the most shocking and painful experience of human history that changes himself completely. He ventures now on the discovery of untouched territories, and amazing landscapes as part of photographic tribute to the planet's beauty.
Directors: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Wim Wenders
Country: France, Brazil and Italy
Runtime: 110 min
Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving disturbing images of violence and human suffering, and for nudity
Screening: 19:15 (Thursday 10th)

Friday 11th of March (Drama/Fiction)

The Colors of the Mountain
Information (Source IMDb)
Manuel and his pals play football every day. Colombia, their country is facing an internal conflict that will affect the life of its citizens. Between war and children's games the life of the people will turn, including the life of Manuel and his friends.
Director: Carlos César Arbeláez
Country: Colombia | Panama
Runtime: 90 min
Screening: 16:00 (Friday 11th)
Even the Rain
Information (Source IMDb)
Spanish director Sebastián, his executive producer Costa and all his crew are in Bolivia, in the Cochabamba area, to shoot a motion picture about Christopher Columbus, his first explorations and the way the Spaniards treated the Indians at the time. Costa has chosen this place because the budget of the film is tight and here he can hire supernumeraries, local actors and extras on the cheap. Things go more or less smoothly until a conflict erupts over the privatization of the water supply. The trouble is that one of the local actors, is a leading activist in the protest movement. Written by Guy Bellinger
Directors: Icíar Bollaín
Country: Bolivia
Runtime: 103 min
Screening: 19:15 (Friday 11th)

Saturday 12th of March (Comedy)

Information (Source IMDb)
A story set in Santiago and centered on Gloria, a free-spirited older woman, and the realities of her whirlwind relationship with a former naval officer whom she meets out in the clubs.
Director: Sebastián Lelio
Country: Chile | Spain
Runtime: 103 min
Screening: 16:00 (Saturday 12th)
Rated R for sexual content, some graphic nudity, drug use and language
Juan of the Dead
Information (Source IMDb)
A suddenly zombie attack starts spreading fear in the city of Havana. The government blames the pandemonium to the United States, and dissidents working for them. In the middle of the chaos Juan and his gang appears to save the livings by killing their beloved ones. Directors:Sebastián Lelio
Country: Spain | Cuba
Runtime: 92 min
Screening: 18:00 (Saturday 12th)
Rated: Argentina:13 / Australia:MA15+ (2014) / Canada:R (Ontario) / Germany:16 / Japan:R15+ / Mexico:B15 / Spain:12 / UK:15 / USA:Not Rated

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